Beyond the Framework of Modern Thought eBook Sample

Because it will be very difficult to believe or even conceive how a natural law, acting as a catalyst, can change the entire world of human relations for the benefit of all mankind; and because it is imperative that this fantastic BREAKTHROUGH be brought to light, you can now listen to the author as he reads and elaborates on the first chapter of his book “Beyond the Framework of Modern Thought.  The actual discovery, which is revealed in Chapter Two, is nothing other than a natural, psychological law of man’s ultimate nature which has remained hidden behind layers and layers of dogma and misunderstanding — until now.  This law prevents man from striking the first blow, which then eliminates the need to blame, punish, to retaliate or to turn the other cheek.

Two other natural laws are also revealed in later chapters. It is demonstrated that because we never understood a projecting function of the brain, words developed that allowed us to see, as on a screen, that half the human race is an inferior physiognomic production — homely, bad-looking, etc. But these words do not symbolize reality because people are not ugly or beautiful, just different, and when the truth is learned — the use of these words, and this kind of unjust, hurtful discrimination, must come to an end.

The other law asks this question: With the Earth billions of years old, and with millions and millions of babies coming into the world since time immemorial, doesn’t it seem a strange coincidence and unbelievable phenomenon that YOU, OF ALL PEOPLE, were born and are alive at this infinitesimal fraction of time? The undeniable answer will make you very happy by removing any fears you might have regarding your own death.

 Below is an eBook sample of the first chapter. If you like, you can click play on the audio player to the right and read along with the author!  The full audio series (14 chapters, 4 hours long) does not include the ebook read along at this time.

Beyond the Framework of Modern Thought

Chapter 1