Decline and Fall of All Evil




Who, in his right mind or with knowledge of history would believe it possible that the 20th century (this is a reminder that the author lived in the 20th century. Although we are well into the 21st century, this discovery has yet to be given a thorough investigation by our world’s leading scientists) will be the time when all war, crime, and every form of evil or hurt in human relations must come to a permanent end? This book is the the result of 15 years of intensive analysis by the late Seymour Lessans and reveals a finding; a scientific discovery about the nature of man whose life, as a direct consequence of this mathematical revelation, will be completely revolutionized in every way for his benefit!

Twelve years after the author’s death, his daughter (Janis Rafael) went on a mission to compile his seven books in the hope that this discovery will not be lost to future generations.  

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