About the Author

Seymour Lessans

(1918 – 1991)


Seymour Lessans was born on September 29, 1918 in Newark, New Jersey. He passed away on January 29, 1991. He was the third of four brothers. All through his life he had a tremendous thirst for knowledge, and after many years of extensive reading and careful analysis he made a discovery about the nature of man whose life will be completely revolutionized for his benefit once this discovery is recognized by science.  This discovery reveals a natural law which has the power to bring about a new world (the Golden Age of man); a world without war, crime, and all the other evils plaguing mankind. 

The rest of his life was devoted to reaching those who could help validate his findings, but he continued to hit stumbling blocks at every turn. His loving wife stood by his side during these difficult years knowing he had a mission to accomplish. Unfortunately, he was unable to bring his discovery to light in his lifetime as he was not a member of a leading university, and held no distinguishing titles. He could not get anyone to listen or to give him the time of day.

His family and all those who knew him will always be inspired by his courage and determination in the midst of incredible odds. His dying words were, “My day will come.” He knew he wouldn’t be here to see this great change, but he was comforted in the knowledge that no matter how long it took, it would just be a matter of time before this new world becomes a reality. It is with this hope in mind that his life’s work (7 books in all from 1961-1988) will be recognized in the 21st century.  With everyone’s help, it will be possible in our lifetime to reach those scientists who can stamp this knowledge with the brevet of truth.  This website is dedicated to the author for his incredible contribution to humanity.