The non-fiction book, Decline and Fall of All Evil, is based on a scientific discovery that was made in 1959, but was never fully investigated.   Unfortunately, the author was unable to reach the leading scientists of his time who could have validated his findings.  Once this knowledge is thoroughly understood and applied on a global scale, it will have the power to prevent war, crime, and all of the other evils plaguing mankind.

Another reason for a possible delay in producing the kind of environment that will allow for this great change in human conduct is the fact that we have been taught, and our daily experiences have convinced us, that a certain aspect of man’s nature is absolutely, positively, undeniably true.  As a consequence, the NATURAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL LAW hidden behind the door stating that this “aspect of man’s nature” is false, could remain permanently concealed because our leaders in politics, theology, psychology and philosophy, even many of our scientists, may never desire to open that door for a thorough investigation because the claim appears ridiculous, impossible, and contravenes what they mistakenly know for a fact is true. However, if they will bear in mind how many times in the course of history has the IMPOSSIBLE (that which APPEARED to be), been made possible by a scientific revelation, they will refrain from jumping to a premature conclusion, will give the author the benefit of the doubt, will open that hermetically sealed door in spite of APPEARANCES, and then, after a complete study of this entire work, will be able to see that our NEW WORLD must become a reality sooner or later and could take place by the middle of the 21st century, if this NATURAL LAW is released from its hiding place quickly enough.
This fantastic BREAKTHROUGH is our long sought “OUNCE OF PREVENTION” because it will cause all mankind, when confronted with the choice of hurting or not hurting others, to choose not to strike the FIRST BLOW, which then eliminates the need to spend trillions, as the lesser of two evils, on efforts to prevent war and crime, and trillions more on punishment and retaliation.
Remember, we are not asking that you buy a pig in the poke, just study the first three chapters and take it from there.